About Intelligent Accounting & Tax Services


Intelligent Accounting & Tax Services (IATAX) is a NSW-based Australian company and a registered tax-agent that provides a wide range of accounting and tax advisory services. At IATAX, we offer a highly customised, professional approach to clients of all types and sizes. There is no one size fits all solution. All clients' circumstances are unique, and we provide tailored services.

You have a single point of contact overseeing all aspects of your tax, accounting and your business needs, while having access to the knowledge and experience of our in-house experts. Whether your goal is to grow your business, secure your family's financial future, protect your assets while minimising your tax liabilities, we have the expertise to help make your goals a reality.

Our team approach will give you the absolute advantage: connecting with us means you have the very best accountants and advisors who are committed to positioning you and your organisation for success. We look forward working with you and helping you to grow and protect your wealth.

Why Choose Us

Within your means
To your needs
To statutory requirements

We have a reliable, experienced and well-trained team to advise you after studying your business, financial statements, extrat relevant information and reports to steer your companies to further growth and cost saving.

Business that lack the human resources or knowledge to manage tasks like bookkeping and accounting will benefit from hiring us to help them. Save time and money as we have the knowledge and skills needed to simplify the entire process for you.

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