SMSF Audit

SMSF Audit

As a registered SMSF auditor with Australian Securities and Investment Commission ( ASIC), we have been helping accountants, trustees and investor with their SMSF audit and compliance obligation. We work round-the-clock and seven days a week, to ensure quick audit turnaround and that your technical queries are attended to on the earliest possible time frame. All auditing work is performed in Australia.

Our SMSF audit fee is very competitive, and fixed up-front. We are value-conscious and constantly seek to minimise the cost of our services, without compromising on quality assurance. Please contact us for SMSF Audit fee quote.

SMSF Audit Process 

  • STEP 1 We provide you an Audit Documentation Guide, which outlines the required documents for a SMSF Audit.
  • STEP 2 Our platform allows you to download many templates, declarations, and documents (e.g. engagement letter, trustee representation letter, etc). The trustees/directors of the corporate trustee are to sign the required documents and provide us the signed copies. You need to retain the original records as required under the SISA 1993.

    You need to provide us all the relevant documents as per the audit documentation guide.

  • STEP 3 We will start conducting an Audit.
  • STEP 4We will advise you during the course of the audit whether additional documents and/or information is required.
  • STEP 5Audit report pack will be issued to you

We look forward to working with you and hope to be of assistance soon.