ATO Audit Assistance and Objection

ATO Audit Assistance

Australian taxation system largely relies on self-assessment and voluntary compliance. Within the period of review, the ATO may conduct review to determine if there are tax issues requiring a more-in-depth examination and response. The ATO will contact you or your tax representative to gather the relevant information to address their concerns. If it is sufficiently addressed, they will end the review and advise you of their review outcome. In other cases, they will consider other courses of action, including proceeding to an audit where a more in-depth examination of the issue is required.

What should you do if you are being reviewed/audited by the ATO?

Please contact us immediately from the start of the ATO Review/Audit to achieve excellent results as we understand navigating this process alone can be daunting and if not handled properly, can be a very expensive affair.

ATO Objection

Have you been audited by the ATO, received an unfavourable outcome and you believe the decision is wrong? If so, please contact us and we can assist you to have the decision to be reviewed by the ATO by lodging an objection application and assist with the objection process.

We can also assist you to request the Commissioner to remit the interest charge or penalty if we consider there are grounds for the remission. We have successfully managed and resolved tax dispute for many taxpayers and achieved excellent results for their tax objections.